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The Scrunchie Project

We are proud to announce the launch of The Scrunchie ProjectTM, a non-profit initiative created to help free women from the sex trade.

Our partner, Mujer Talento, a non-profit factory in Medellin, Colombia, hires women out of the sex trade by training them to sew, and then helps them find full-time employment in garment factories where they can earn above minimum wage and benefits that include healthcare and scholarships to complete their high school diploma.

100% of proceeds from every sale of The Scrunchie ProjectTM Collection are reinvested into Mujer Talento to empower them to continue their important work.

So, why scrunchies?

Well, they’re not just cute. They’re also a great item for a newbie learning to sew. And the best part? They’re small, so they can be made from our own fabric scraps, which means we get to upcycle our scraps and they coordinate with the rest of the collection.

Responsibility + Sustainability + Fashion = Everybody wins!

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