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Tokalon Print Techniques

Decorating performance fabrics requires a special expertise.

Fortunately, we take the craft of decorating your garments to the highest level.

Your artwork will stretch, stick, and avoid color migration for the life of your garments.

Best of all, we work with the most innovative print techniques available so you can let your creativity shine.


Silicone inks are the most premium print technique as they have a high degree of stretch and durability. They're ideal for high-stretch fabrics like those used for leggings and bras.

Soft Plastisol

Plastisol is the most common ink used in screen printing. It sits on top of the fabric, and feels slightly heavier than Water Base. However, it provides solid coverage for high definition artwork. We finish it with a heat treatment to make it soft and smooth.

Water Base

Water Base inks are eco-friendly and water soluble. The ink absorbs into the fabric, giving it a light, soft touch. It can provide vibrant colors on light fabrics.


Provides a shiny metallic effect to give interest and dimension to your artwork. It has a paper base, so artwork may need to be adjusted to work in stretch areas. Color options are silver, gold, or rose gold (as shown).


Plastisol inks are mixed with reflective particles that refract light, adding an eye-catching effect to your logo and designs. Color options are silver or iridescent (as shown).

High Density (3D)

This is a plastisol-based ink that is applied in multiple layers to produce a raised, 3D effect. We typically reserve this for heavier-weight fabrics, or small locations on lighter-weight fabrics.


Gel provides a smooth, glossy, somewhat "sticky" texture. It has medium stretch and can be clear (as shown) or colored.

Localized Sublimation

Localized Sublimation is great for photo-realistic artwork. It requires at least 65% polyester, and the fabric must be a lighter color than the artwork. A lower polyester content provides a washed-down, vintage look.

FYI - Roll Sublimation is used for all-over prints, such as camo leggings.

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