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Merchandising Intern

Tokalon Clothing is seeking a Merchandising Intern for Summer 2020 to help drive strategic growth through social media, live events, performance analysis, and creative design.

We're seeking a highly organized individual with a passion for learning and a drive to gain real world experience. The ideal candidate will seek to grow both his/her analytical and creative skills.

This is a contract (hourly) position that will enable you to build a skill set that will serve you throughout your professional career.


DCs are responsible for the success of Tokalon's Pre-Order Program. As a Tokalon DC, you will:

  • Call prospective clients as soon as they submit their wholesale application
  • Convey the features and benefits of the Pre-Order Program, as well as the many ways Tokalon can help them achieve their private label apparel goals 
  • Demonstrate the ordering process for monthly pre-order collections
  • Assist in filling-out the client's first order and adding it to their cart
  • Provide visual mockups of their orders
  • Answer questions along the way


When you succeed, we succeed. That's why we invest in your professional development.

Initial training topics will include:

  • Website content and materials (
  • Scheduling and claiming kick-off demos
  • Call script and follow-up

We will also hold bi-weekly (every 2 wks) team calls with a professional sales coach to discuss your demo call experiences, answer questions, and provide insights, inspiration and guidance to develop your skills and confidence.

Training materials will be provided, however, you must supply your own laptop and cell phone.


Once you have completed training, you may begin accepting kick-off demo requests.

  • Demos will be scheduled on your calendar according to your preferences each week
  • You'll be compensated at $30/demo + 10% commission on any closed deal within 12-months of the live demonstration

Tokalon will provide you with personalized business cards, an alias phone number, Tokalon email address, subscription to Mixmax (marketing email automation software), and a personalized "demo board" on Pipedrive (CRM database).  


You can count on a weekly 1:1 with Brian to track your progress and ask for support. Additionally, we'll arrange bi-weekly group Hangouts with the entire team to share relevant program updates and enhancements (opposite weeks of the Sales Training calls). 

We'll also set-up a group Google Chat for questions on-the-fly and casual banter.


Ideal candidates will possess the following:

  • Student with merchandising focus
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Enthusiastic, positive attitude
  • Flexible schedule
  • Personal interest in activewear trends

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to

We hope to welcome you to Tokalon Clothing as a Merchandising Intern!

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