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Design Concierge Agreement

Welcome to Tokalon!

Please take time to read through the details on this page before submitting the form at the end.

First, let's start with a few basics...

  1. Pre-order sales leads are made available on the Tokalon Pre-Orders Board, and are claimed by Design Concierges on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. Once you’re trained, you can lead demos anytime, anywhere – as far as the wi-fi can reach!

  3. We will host bi-weekly group training calls. All questions in-between can be sent directly to Brian ( and Lea (

  4. You’ll be paid on the 1st of each month.

Scheduling Kick-off Demos

  • Prospects submit their wholesale applications at
  • These sales leads are then posted to the Tokalon Pre-Orders Board and can be claimed in real-time. You will be notified via email as new leads are added to the board.

    • Note: do not accept a lead before you receive the notification email or the below automation may fail.
  • Once you claim a lead, a Deal will be auto-created in your Pipedrive pipeline.

  • Call the lead ASAP at the number provided in their Pipedrive contact details (quick response leads to higher close rate).

  • You will then follow 1 of 3 likely scenarios:

    1. The client answers and is available to talk: be prepared to provide the demo on the spot. Send a calendar invite in real-time, which will automatically include a Google Meets link.

    2. The client answers and is NOT available to talk: schedule a time over the phone and then trigger the "demo" email sequence in Mixmax.

    3. The client doesn't answer (most likely): leave a voicemail and then trigger the "voicemail" email sequence in Mixmax.

  • You and the prospect will join the online meeting via an auto-generated Google Meets link in the calendar invite. Prospects may opt to join the conference via audio-only, but Design Concierges must join via video conference. (This is shown to dramatically improve close-rates).

Who We Serve

Our core verticals include:

  • Boutique fitness studios
  • National gym chains
  • Activewear brands
  • Schools
  • Corporate branding / corporate wellness
  • Endurance events

Compensation Overview

  • You will earn $30/demo
  • You will earn 10% commission for new acquisition orders

  • You will earn $15/deal for no-shows

No-Show Policy

At this time, we are defining a "no-show" as a prospect who misses the scheduled call-time with no advance notice. You will earn a $15 partial compensation upon completion of the following tasks:

  1. You must wait on the line for at least 15 minutes.
  2. You must send an email to the prospect between the 5-10 minute mark with a link to the conference call and your phone number with a gentle reminder about the call. (Template: No-Show Gentle Nudge).
  3. You must attempt to call the prospect directly after the 10-minute mark.

You will always have the first right of refusal when a no-show reschedules. This means you'll have the opportunity refuse the new (proposed) time before the demo request goes back to the Design Concierge Team at-large.


Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel a demo you’ve already claimed, please:

  1. Remove your name from the Tokalon Pre-Orders Board
  2. Send an email to Brian, Lea and the rest of the Design Concierge Team (

To the best of our ability, we will try to honor the prospect's original time commitment. This means that your demo will be made available on the Pre-Orders Board for another team member to pick-up.

We ask that you do not cancel a demo with less than 24 hours notice or over the weekend. If it is an emergency, contact the lead as soon as possible and politely ask to reschedule the meeting, offering new times that you will be available. CC Brian on all of these emails.

If you cancel a demo three (3) times with less than 24-hours notice, you are eligible to be dismissed from the Design Concierge Team.

Tokalon has a zero-tolerance policy for Design Concierges who no-show their scheduled demos.

The Fine Print

  • We reserve the right to re-train and/or dismiss any Design Concierge at anytime and for any reason.
  • We will not provide partial compensation if and when a prospect cancels the demo, even if they give very little advance notice.
  • Tokalon Clothing is an equal-opportunity employer. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and will be considered grounds for dismissal.
  • Design Concierge team members must claim at least four (4) demos/month to remain on the team, unless otherwise specified in-advance with Brian.

Welcome Aboard

I have read and enthusiastically agree to the terms outlined in this document. I understand that these terms may change at anytime.

Congratulations, you're officially a Tokalon Clothing Design Concierge!
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Thank You

Questions, comments, or feedback? Contact us anytime.

Brian Leopold
(515) 314-1040

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