Custom Development

Create your own exclusive items - starting at 600 pieces per style.

How it Works

We pride ourselves on providing a personalized approach to each client we work with.

While each project is unique, below you'll find an overview of what to expect during the custom development process.

Order Samples

We encourage all clients to order samples to review fabric and construction quality. If we don't have a sample in your desired style, we can make one. We'll also throw in a ring of fabric swatches.

If you haven't already, you'll need to create your wholesale account.


Development Fee
Cost of samples

Schedule Your Design Consultation

Once you're confident in our quality and have reviewed and approved the general project schedule and development pricing, you can officially kick-off your project by scheduling a Design Consultation with our founder, Lea.

When providing your requirements, you can submit your own tech pack(s), provide inspiration samples, and/or modify existing styles from Tokalon's Made-to-Order Collection.

This is also the time when you'll provide your logo and graphic designs so that we can begin development with our decorator.


Development Fee

Sold out

Approve Your 3D Renderings

Our first step to bring your custom garment to life is to create the pattern and render it in 3D. With this, you'll be able to review details such as the overall silhouette, seam lines, etc.

Pro tip: Approving your garment in 3D can avoid multiple rounds of physical prototyping, saving both time and money.


Development Fee

Sold out

Approve Your Physical Proto + Costing

Then we cut and sew your first physical prototype! At this point we'll submit the following for approval:

  • Physical sample for construction and fit
  • Pricing (the factory prices the garment only after they've produced the first sample)
  • Strike-offs of your logo and graphic artwork


Development Fee

Sold out

Approve Your Size Set

The last step to finalize your custom development is to produce one of each size for you to approve the total fit scale.

You can provide your own grading rules or follow industry standards.


Development Fee

Sold out

Submit Your Bulk Order

Once product development and pricing are approved, we'll send you an order form to finalize your order quantities per size and color.


Development Fee
First 50% of bulk order

Approve Your Pre-Production Sample

Then we’ll produce a physical pre-production sample (PP) for you to approve before proceeding to bulk production.

This sample will represent the final product in its entirety, including base garment, decoration, and trims.


Development Fee

Sold out

Get Ready to Stock Your Shelves

Finally, our team will personally oversee the entire production process of your order, from cutting to printing, sewing, auditing, tagging, and packing and shipping


Development Fee
Final 50% of bulk order

If you're ready to get started, click the button below to schedule your free project consultation with our Founder, Lea.

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