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Start From Scratch

Start From Scratch

Create your own exclusive items - starting at 600 pieces per style

1. Schedule Your Design Consultation

Our objective is to understand your vision so that we can create a 3D prototype of your garment.

We'll discuss overall silhouette, as well seam construction, fabric, and trims. This is also a good time to consider how you'll want to add your branding.

Time: 1-2 weeks

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2. Approve Your 3D Prototype

Prototyping in 3D can save weeks (if not months) or development time. We usually approve within 2-3 rounds before proceeding to physical protos.

Time: 1-2 weeks

3. Approve Your Physical Proto + Size Set

Now it's real. We'll collect fit feedback on your sample size until it's perfect before making a full size set for approval.

We now have enough information to cost your garment for bulk production.

Time: 4-8 weeks

4. Submit Your Bulk Production Order

Once your pricing and timeline are approved, we'll issue an invoice for 50% to purchase fabric and develop your embellishments.

Finally, we'll provide a complete pre-production sample for you to approve before proceeding to bulk production. Note, we have a very extensive development process for embellishments to ensure quality.

Time: 3-4 weeks

5. Receive Bulk Production

We can deliver (almost) anywhere in the world.

We'll issue an invoice for the balance of your order upon delivery, and a freight invoice after rates actualize (~30 days later).

Time: 6-8 weeks

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